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The car is a 1983 Audi Coupe Quattro Turbo, which has been painstakingly prepared to the Group 4 specification used by the Audi factory teams during the early 1980's.  The build, carried out by Northamptonshire father and son Nick and Tom Barrington, commenced in 2005 and took eight years to complete using a combination of original Audi Sport parts and replica parts where it was not possible to obtain originals.


Under the team name Iconic Motorsport, Nick and Tom regularly use the car to compete in local stage rallies, and also participate in various demonstration and exhibition events around the UK, including the Donington Historic Festival, Race Retro and Rallyday.

The body-shell has been extensively modified and strengthened in exactly the same way as the original factory rally cars, including seam-welding throughout, bolt-in tubular steel roll-cage with extensions through to front strut-tops, reinforced front-bulkhead, reinforced front strut turrets, removable tubular steel strut-brace with integral brackets for power steering and brake fluid reservoirs, removable tubular aluminium bracing to front inner-wings, removable tubular aluminium front chassis cross-bracing with integral mounting points for sump-guard, front radius arms, intercooler and auxiliary light brackets, removable tubular steel slam-panel,  full-length chassis rails with additional skid-plates, reinforced heel-panel with mounting brackets for rear radius arms, reinforced sub-frame mounting points, and additional brackets and reinforcement for chassis-mounted gearbox and rear differential.  The strengthened shell has been finished with light-weight (aluminium skinned / steel framed) front wings, bonnet, and doors, together with light-weight composite boot-lid, rear-spoiler, front/rear bumpers, front/rear wheel-arch extensions, front grille and sump/diff guards.

The engine is a dry-sumped 10v, with a balanced bottom-end, big-valve ported and polished head with a high-lift rally cam driving the rear-mounted power steering pump, large intercooler, high-efficiency radiator, tubular exhaust and uprated turbo.  It's currently producing just over 400 bhp and 365 lb/ft torque with about 22 psi boost.

The transmission comprises a close-ratio semi-helical gearbox with ZF plated limited-slip front/rear differentials and a switchable (open or locked) center differential.

The suspension and steering comprises of seam-welded sub-frames front and rear, strengthened front and rear wishbones linked to the chassis via rose-jointed radius arms, reinforced adjustable-platform struts all round with rose-jointed bottom-links and uprated springs and dampers, lowered steering arms with rose-jointed T45 steering links and a quick (2.5 turn) steering rack.

The braking system consists of AP 280mm x 25mm grooved/ventilated discs all round with AP Monte Carlo four-pot callipers at the front, Girling two-pot callipers at the rear with both mechanical and hydraulic handbrake, and adjustable brake bias.

The boot houses a 120 litre foam filled aluminium fuel tank, twin Bosch 044 fuel-pumps, fuel filter, dry-sump oil tank, battery and spare wheel, with the oil cooler mounted on the boot-lid under the rear spoiler.

Presented in the Audi Sport UK livery, as used by Malcolm Wilson in the 1982 RAC Rally, Hannu Mikkola in the 1982 Scottish and Mintex Rallies, and Bjorn Waldergard in the 1982 Welsh Rally, the car weighs just 1260 kg with full tanks.

Front Quarter
Rear Quarter
Rear Diff Bracket
Front Turret
Rear Radius Arm Bracket
Engine Bay
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